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CBD Benefits for Pain Management

Those who live or have lived with chronic pain are aware that pain management can be a difficult and tiring process, oftentimes to little avail.  Doctors regularly prescribe painkillers as the ultimate weapon against pain, even though many nasty and dangerous side-effects can occur when regularly using them. The mere reason that a highly-educated medical

Those who live or have lived with chronic pain are aware that pain management can be a difficult and tiring process, oftentimes to little avail.  Doctors regularly prescribe painkillers as the ultimate weapon against pain, even though many nasty and dangerous side-effects can occur when regularly using them. The mere reason that a highly-educated medical specialist prescribes them doesn’t mean they are safe. On the contrary, painkillers have acquired a very bad rep, especially during the last couple of years, since people become more and more aware of things that once have been taken for granted.

Painkillers manage pain, yes, but at what cost? Except not being for everyone, they are highly addictive, especially opiate pain relievers, and can cause nausea, liver damage, constipation, hormone imbalance, depression, weakened immune system, and many more dangerous side-effects – the list is long. Fortunately, there is an effective, all-natural ingredient on the market that comes in many shapes and sizes, brings copious benefits, and can take both chronic and acute pain away safely and naturally without any unwanted consequences.

We are talking about CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp that has a myriad of benefits, one of them being pain relief. Not only does it come without any side-effects, but it’s also non-addictive, and there is absolutely no way for anyone to overdose – even if drinking a whole 10ml bottle of CBD oil. CBD is the new painkiller, only safer and all-natural, and there is scientific proof that confirms this. So, say goodbye to those pills and let’s take a look at how CBD relieves pain and makes life for pain sufferers much, much easier.

CBD is Anti-inflammatory

CBD’s pain relieving properties are well known to those who use it, and it’s mainly due to it having anti-inflammatory effects. CBD battles inflammation like no other all-natural ingredient, and all the credit goes to its ability to stimulate the CB2 receptors, the ones which affect the immune system.  According to this review by Doctor Booz in which he goes over and analyzes different studies that involve CBD, this cannabinoid is a rising star when it comes to battling inflammation. Being an antioxidant as well, CBD treats oxidative stress while lessening the impact on inflammation as well as neurogenic inflammation. When it comes to both chronic and acute pain in the gut, this study’s results show CBD’s amazing ability to reduce intestinal inflammation, which makes it a potential therapy for treating inflammatory bowel diseases, among many other.

CBD has Antihyperalgesic effect

In reference to the cannabinoid receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors may be the most well-known, but they are definitely not the most important when it comes to managing pain.

The TRPV1 receptor plays a major role for CBD’s pain relieving effect, and this study only confirms that. When distributed orally to rats with acute inflammation, by stimulating the previously mentioned receptors, CBD eliminated hyperalgesia while showing, as they say, ‘paradoxical analgesic effects’.

CBD is a Muscle Relaxant

CBD can be a wonderful alternative for muscle relaxants like diazepam or baclofen, due to its ability to stimulate the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, thus treating muscle aches and spasms. This significant muscle and vascular relaxant effect CBD has helped many people with dystonic movement disorders as well as those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

CBD topicals are used for localized pain relief and as a muscle relaxant, which can immensely aid in relieving the unbearable pain which doesn’t let you have a good night sleep.

CBD Regulates Sleep

By having anti-anxiety and calming properties, CBD quiets and pacifies both the body and the mind, immensely improving the quality of sleep and battling insomnia for those who live through chronic pain.

When taken in small doses, CBD actually improves focus and makes one more alert, thus not allowing daytime naps. This may sound contradictory to the previous sentence, but by not causing daytime sleepiness, it actually regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Hence, in this manner, you’ll begin feeling tired after the sun goes down and wake up rested and energized in the morning, without feeling the need to push that snooze button.

On the other hand, when taken in very high doses, CBD has a sedative effect no matter what time of day it is. This happens due to CBD’s biphasic properties, meaning that its effect depends on the dosage.

CBD Treats Anxiety and Depression

Chronic pain sufferers oftentimes find themselves in torment because of anxiety and/or depression, which only worsen the pain by inducing the already existent inflammation.

As we previously mentioned, CBD has anti-anxiety and calming effect, so by being a natural anxiolytic agent it significantly reduces and calms anxious thoughts while regulating the stress response. So how come CBD has all this power on so many different levels? Again, it’s because of its ability to bind with certain endocannabinoid receptors, in this case the ones that regulate mood, stress, and emotion. We’re talking about the 5-HT1A receptors, and by being activated the effects of stress and anxiety weaken significantly.

Another way in which CBD treats anxiety and depression is by activating the well-known CB1 and CB2 receptors. This way, CBD becomes responsible for hippocampal neurogenesis, or the growth of new cells in the hippocampus. What does this have to do with treating the above-mentioned mood disorders? Well, by growing new cells in the brain, anxiety and depression-like behaviors become notably reduced and good feelings slowly start to take over.

Another thing worth mentioning is CBD’s prohedonic effect. By having this effect, it decreases negative thoughts while increasing positive feelings and opinions, something that every anxiety and/or depression sufferer desperately needs.  

CBD and Localized Pain

CBD can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, ingested in the form of edibles, and/or taken sublingually, but did you know that it can also be administrated topically? Indeed, CBD topicals which come in the form of creams, lotions, butters, oils, and balms, are used as a localized pain relief and as a muscle relaxant. By being absorbed through the top layer of the skin, the active ingredients stimulate the CB2 receptors, thus providing physical relief, effective when treating muscle soreness.

In Conclusion

According to the above-mentioned studies as well as loads of anecdotal evidence that can be found online, we can all witness CBD’s positive effects when it comes to managing pain. All information suggests that CBD indeed relieves pain, due to its many beneficial properties and its ability to bind to and stimulate several cannabinoid receptors.This makes CBD the perfect substitute for painkillers, only much safer and all-natural, which is something that cannot be said about pharmaceuticals.

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