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Why should you treat insomnia with CBD instead of typical sleeping medication

The demand for sleeping pills in the past two decades has skyrocketed. This only shows that insomnia has become an ever more common problem in this sleep-deprived 21st century, whether it be caused by lifestyle choices or certain medical conditions like respiratory problems, diabetes, certain mental health problems, heartburn, and so on. The repercussions of sleep-deprivation can be mental, emotional, or physical, as it can lead to obesity or weight loss, affected cognitive functions, depression, weakened immune system, and much more. Not to mention, sleeping pills could potentially make the situation much worse as they have a plethora of side effects…and can be quite addictive. Fortunately, an alternative solution is showing potential; its name is cannabidiol, or CBD, the second most dominant and naturally occurring substance in cannabis.

How does CBD help with Insomnia?

Firstly, CBD reduces stress and anxiety. These conditions are the primary known causes of insomnia. Being a natural anxiolytic agent, CBD reduces anxiety while keeping stress levels at bay. This happens due to CBD’s ability to bind with the 5-HT1A receptors which are the ones that regulate mood, stress, and emotion, so by activating them, CBD weakens the effects of stress and anxiety.

Secondly, CBD is anti-inflammatory, inflammation being another major cause of insomnia. What’s more, acute insomnia actually increases the production of inflammatory hormones in our bodies, thus making the existing inflammation even worse.

Fortunately, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties due to its ability to bind to the CB2 receptors, found mostly in our body’s immune system. It also significantly reduces neuroinflammation (inflammation of the nervous tissue), by binding and activating the TRPV-1 receptor which plays a central role in neurogenic inflammation.

Lastly, CBD works as a sedative when taken in higher doses. This happens due to CBD’s biphasic properties, meaning that its effect depends on the dosage. When taken in small amounts, it promotes alertness and wakefulness. However, when taken in larger amounts, it acts as a sedative substance by inducing sleepiness, so you can have a good night’s sleep without waking up.

GRH’s CBD products for Insomnia

At Green Roads Health we offer a variety of CBD products for treating insomnia. We have several different types of CBD products that you can choose from, from oils to edibles.

CBD oil is a natural concentrate with a high percentage of CBD derived from industrial hemp. Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant’s seeds which contain almost no THC, meaning that it has no psychoactive effect whatsoever, making it suitable for everyone. Hemp oil is beneficial for memory, mood, and quality of sleep improvement, so you can battle different conditions with only one product and without the nasty side effects sleeping pills are known for.

CBD syrups are a brand new way of getting the beneficial effects of this marvelous cannabinoid. We recommend this product for improving your quality of sleep as well as increasing your overall sleep time, which are the two main goals when dealing with insomnia. It’s a mixture of CBD and melatonin, the hormone produced in the pineal gland which regulates sleep and controls the sleep and wake cycle.

CBD tea is another way of ingesting this incredible ingredient. Sipping our chamomile based tea infused with CBD right before bed will relax you and will have you drifting off in no time. Chamomile, also known as the “sleep tea”, has been used as a sleep aid for many, many years. Its combination with CBD makes our tea an effective sleep-inducer and relaxant, so if you are insomniac try it and see for yourself.

We also offer two types of CBD edibles: gummies and jollies. These yummy edibles are available in different flavors, so you can pick the ones suitable for your taste. CBD edibles are mostly used by people who have sleeping problems and those who are in pain, as CBD’s effects last longer when it is ingested in this form.