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Why should you treat yourself or a loved one with CBD Syrup?

Did you know that more than 40 million people in the US alone suffer from insomnia every year? Sleeping disorders became a common consequence of the modern, often chaotic rhythm of life. Overwhelming stress, another consequence of our time, can easily lead to anxiety and depression. When it comes to treatment, there are two types of medicines:

  1. Artificial, often aggressive medication, followed with unpleasant side-effects (ex. sleeping pills) or
  2. Natural products, which provide the calming effect without any negative side-effects

Here at Green Roads Health, we always choose the highest quality natural products, both for ourselves and for our customers! This is why we’re proud to offer you CBD Syrups – the ideal example of how nature and man can work hand in hand to create a helpful and delicious counter to anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia!

What are CBD Syrups?

CBD Syrups are the simplest, risk-free way to achieve a relaxed and refreshed state of mind. All of our syrups are carefully formulated by licensed pharmacists in an ISO 6 clean room. The balanced blend of best-quality grade cannabidiol ingredients, herbs, and sleep-inducing melatonin (an ingredient that perfected our NightTime Syrup) is what you’ll find in CBD Syrups.

Main ingredients of CBD Syrups: Cannabidiol and Melatonin

Cannabidiol (or CBD)

This healthy component, derived directly from cannabis, is proving to be an excellent medicine for many health conditions. Scientific and clinical studies show that Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and even antibacterial properties that help protect and revitalize the body. Testimonies of satisfied CBD users are piling up, as more and more people turn to this miraculous substance for help. One fact that users specifically point out as gratifying is the lack of psychoactive elements in our CBD products. This makes CBD products absolutely safe, either for children, youths, adults, or seniors.


Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone which regulates the sleep/wake patterns of your body. Sometimes, due to certain health conditions or a lack of light your body is exposed to, the production of melatonin by the pineal gland in your brain gets interrupted. In these cases, taking a small additional dose of this hormone can vastly help with sleep disorders, such as insomnia. We added just a pinch of it into our NightTime Syrup, to ensure you’ll have the sound, long sleep you deserve.

These are the secrets behind the effectiveness of CBD Syrups:

  1. The relaxing power of melatonin and its ability to regulate sleeping patterns
  2. Potential health benefits of CBD
  3. A balanced formula made out of natural ingredients and improved with healthful herbs.

CBD Syrups for 24 hours of health & balance

Our CBD Syrups come in two complementary forms:

  • Daytime version (without melatonin) that helps you feel at your best, throughout the entire day.
  • NightTime version (with melatonin) that ensures you’ll have a deep, sound sleep throughout the entire night. With the consistent use of CBD Syrups, you should feel the significant improvement in quality, but also the duration of your sleep.

Is it safe and legal to use CBD Syrups?

We are proud to be the only company in the U.S. that works with the licensed compound pharmacist. There are no psychoactive elements in our products, which makes them entirely safe for regular consumption. As an example, CBD NightTime Syrup will help you relax and sleep better, but you can’t become addicted to it. Our products do not contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

The best way to use CBD Syrups

CBD Syrups are products with a relatively low concentration of Cannabidiol (60 and 100 mg), which makes them an excellent natural aid for mild-intensity forms of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The recommended usage of CBD Syrups is one tablespoon of Daytime Syrup in the morning and a tablespoon of NightTime Syrup in the evening. When taken in this way, CBD Syrups will help you stay bright-minded during the day and completely relaxed at night.

Can CBD Syrups help treat Epilepsy or Alzheimer’s Disease?

CBD Syrups can certainly provide a temporary relief for epilepsy or Alzheimer’s. But no, they do not ease seizures and have a rather gentle effect. For serious neurological conditions, customers have reported great benefits using our high-concentrated products: CBD Oil – 550mg and powerful CBD Tinctures. If what you need is instant relaxation and a sound, revitalizing sleep, then CBD Syrups are definitely your natural compound of choice.

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