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Sweet and delicious!

Organic cannabis edibles with natural ingredients (CBD does not cause a high).

Green Roads Health works closely with edible experts to design and create products with potent doses of Cannabidiol (CBD) and calming natural herbs in the form of edible candies. When you ingest CBD in a form of an edible, it is metabolized by the liver, which is more effective.

  • CBD Edibles are helpful for treating insomina, anxiety, depression, pain, stress and lack of fockus.
  • Each pack contains 2 gummies.
  • One Gummy per dosage.
  • 30mg per gummie or 60mg per pack
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Available in different flavors and designs including: JolliesLego Block Gummies, and Lollypops
  • Compounded by Licensed Pharmacists

Our Purpose  

When it comes to choosing the finest CBD products, look no further. At Green Roads Health, we offer our customers premium, all-natural CBD edibles with an original pharmaceutical grade formulation. We strive to provide consumers with high-quality and all-natural CBD products that meet all standards for quality and safety. We believe CBD to be the future as well as the current treatment of choice for many ailments and an effective alternative to a variety of medications, especially drugs known to cause copious side-effects. Therefore, we feel responsible to promote this marvelous cannabinoid and to produce the best CBD products that can be found on the market today, so that Green Roads Health becomes synonymous with purest and of highest quality CBD products not only in the USA, but globally.

How Our CBD Edibles are Made

Buying CBD products from Green Roads Health is choosing the safest and most potent CBD products available on the market, and as you read further you’ll see exactly why that is.

We use certified hemp which is organically grown in ideal conditions without using any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Once the hemp is fully grown and ready to undergo the extraction process, by using the latest technology and equipment, our experts extract the CBD and other powerful active ingredients from the hemp plant. The process we use is called supercritical CO2 method, known as the safest and purest extraction method out there, since carbon dioxide is used as a solvent. This way, you won’t have to fear of harmful traces of toxic solvents in the finished product, because the CO2 simply evaporates, leaving the ingredients pure and potent.

Our trusted partners then produce the gummies and infuse them with pure cannabinoid isolate and melatonin. This process additionally contributes to the potency of the product, since many other companies just sprinkle the CBD on top or infuse it after the candies have been created.

Benefits of CBD Gummie Men

If you are looking for a calming effect and relaxation, this amazing natural alternative that comes in the form of edibles can be of great use. This product’s most effective properties are anti-depressant, neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, so you can expect to feel relaxed and be pain-free.

Ailments CBD Gummie Men Can Treat

Since our Gummie Men are a mixture of CBD, terpenes, and melatonin, they are specifically recommended for conditions such as: anxiety, depression, stress, lack of focus, and insomnia. Due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the Gummies can also be used as a remedy for headaches and migraines, but also because oftentimes stress and anxiety are direct triggers for migraines, while neuroinflammation contributes to the stress and anxiety. Since all these conditions are interconnected, the CBD Gummie Men are the perfect natural remedy which can be used on the go.

Ingredients & Measurements

Our CBD pocket-friendly Gummie Men come in a pack of 2, each gummy containing 30mg of CBD, meaning that you get 60mg of CBD per package.

These edibles are manufactured by our trusted partners whom we work close with, and contain gelatin, corn syrup, sugar, pharmaceutical-grade CBD, and melatonin. As we mentioned before, the CBD is infused during the manufacturing process, so the product’s potency can be at its highest. Because of the sugar and corn syrup, these organic edibles have a sweet and delicious taste.

Additional Information

  • Non-addictive
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Won’t show on a drug test (contains 0% THC)
  • Completely safe for children, adults, elders, and pets
  • Gluten-free (vegan alternative coming soon)
  • To be kept at a room temperature

How to Use Our CBD Gummie Men

CBD edibles are very simple to use and can be taken anywhere. The daily dosage is one gummy, although if you’ve never used CBD you can start with half a gummy. Keep in mind that they have to go through the liver so it may take from 30 to 90 minutes for you to feel its relaxing and refreshing effects.

Feel free to experiment with the dosage so you can swiftly find the right amount suitable for your exact needs.

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